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Interior Decor and Design Services

Room Design and Execution Service


This service is all encompassing of all services.  When a room or space needs to be entirely renovated including; design, decor, layout, paint, furniture and more, this is the service for you!

  • Shared Pinterest board 

  • Digital E-Design or Mood board of the space

  • Budget and timeline review

  • Furniture and decor sourcing including shopping links. 

  • Paint, fabric and finishing selections.   

  • Execution of design — Designer will assist in executing the project working closely with any other outside contractors to complete the project. 

Sunroom Design.JPG

E-Design Services


E-Designs are available to help you, the client, see the designer's vision in real life.  Room and furniture measurements will provide guidance for shopping the space.  E-Design services can range in detail and concept depending on the client's needs.  Services may include:

  • Concept / Mood Boards

  • 2D or 3D renderings

  • Shopping Lists for products

  • Execution of Design

Designer for a Day

This service is here to provide clients an opportunity to pick a designer's brain and help with any individual room or space needs as both the client and designer deem fit. This may include:

  • Paint selections

  • Shelf or table decor options

  • Shopping products for room

  • Suggestions for new furniture, window treatments, furnishings and wall paneling. 

Interior Decor.jpg
E-Design Mood Board.jpg

A La Carte Options

Can't decide what to do?  Don't worry, we offer plenty of individual options to help you find the best fit for your home and space!

  • Paint Selections

  • Room Refresh

  • Wine and Design - 2 hour consult meeting at the client's home

  • Shopping a space

  • Home Remodel

  • Mood Board / Concept Board

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